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The secret to great Bedroom Decorating Ideas


The most significant rooms in your home are undoubtedly your bedrooms. After all, the master bedroom is where you begin and end your day, and the guest bedroom is where you greet those special overnight visitors. That’s why we’ve put up this bedroom decor inspiration guide. It’ll help you picture your dream space and offer the suggestions and easy ideas you’ll need to achieve it. It’s jam-packed with over 100 of our finest and brightest bedroom design ideas.

First and foremost, decide on the style you want for your room: do you want a comfortable bedroom that invites you to cuddle up with a nice book, a colorful, gingham-filled refuge, a farmhouse rustic bedroom, or a white bedroom that transports you to another world? Let’s get started with that in mind. Painting the walls a fresh, new color is the quickest and most economical method to redecorate your home, whether it’s a large master suite or a little bedroom. Consider a bedroom wall decor treatment like wallpaper, reclaimed wood, built-in millwork, or a statement hanging installation if you want something a bit more complex.

Now it’s time to get down to business! Your bed, as well as other pieces of bedroom furniture, play a vital role in determining the ambiance and aesthetic of your space. Rather than buying a matching suite, mixing and matching your bed, bedside tables, dresser, armoire, and other bedroom furniture is one of the greatest methods to ensure that your bedroom is distinctive and personal.

Accent Wall, Painted

Jenni Yolo (@ispydiy), a designer and DIY journalist from Wisconsin, painted the ceiling and side walls of her attic bedroom a pristine white to make the space feel more open. To add some interest, she painted the awkwardly curved end wall a relaxing blue (Behr’s Dusty Laurel).

Built-in Bookcase at the Foot of the Bed

Consider replacing a floor-sucking bedside table with a narrow recessed built-in bookcase if you have a tiny bedroom. The space-saving nook doubles as a showcase area for accessories, antique discoveries, and bedroom-perfect houseplants, as well as storage space for your favorite books and bedtime supplies.

Headboard Recycled

Matthew Gleason, a stylist, flipped a salvaged door on its side to create a distinctive headboard. Attach the door directly to the wall and couple it with a basic platform bed to make installation a breeze.

Pattern Combination

Start by painting your walls and trim a bright white for a bedroom that truly shines, like this Texas guest room. Then, using a rug and an upholstered headboard, introduce graphic motifs. Adding all-white linen to the top of the bed makes the patterns stand out even more. To maintain the style fitted and classy, use items in comparable colors.

Storage for Small Areas

You’d never realize that this bright and breezy all-white bedroom is barely 170 square feet in size! To get this deceivingly expansive impression, the planked ceiling, shiplapped walls, and trim were all painted the same bright, clean white.
Storage for Small Areas Bring in an antique garment rack if you have a small bedroom or if your closets are in short supply—as in nonexistent!—to add purpose and style. As a temporary linen closet, place a trunk or blanket chest at the foot of the bed.

Built-in Bed Nook with a Cozy

Mate Gallery founders Matt Albiani and Ron Brand converted a modest bedroom in their New York home, Sea Roost, into a lovely seaside refuge by erecting a compact captain’s bed, which they then covered with old indigo linens and decorated with an indigo-inspired wallpaper.