Can You Flush Condoms In The Toilet

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You re probably wondering now if there s a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of them. Condoms do not disintegrate in water.

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Just wrap it in tissue and toss in in the trash instead.

Can you flush condoms in the toilet. Either they clog your pipes the city s pipes or end up in our waterways. However condoms do not break down and they can inflate like a balloon clogging a pipe so there s no good reason to flush them in the toilet. A lot of men dispose of their condoms by flushing it down the toilet.

So there are three possible scenarios for a flushed condom. No you are not supposed to flush condoms down the toilet because they can clog the drain. You should still probably be using condoms until you ve both been tested which brings me to that thing we need to talk about.

Can you flush condoms down the toilet. Can you flush food down the toilet. Most condoms are made of rubber which means they don t easily disintegrate.

Okay it s probably clear to you that flushing condoms is a big no no. The disgusting but necessary psa comes to us courtesy of youtuber viva frei. When flushed down the toilet items such as condoms contact lenses bandages baby wipes plastic bags and food waste can also contribute to the formation of fatbergs which is an.

In case you weren t convinced this video is definitive proof of why you should never flush condoms down the toilet. Just dispose them like you would with other condom varieties. You can flush a condom down a toilet in the sense that nobody will physically stop you from doing so.

Are we really still flushing condoms down the toilet. While this might seem like a good way of get rid of the evidence it s doing you more harm than good especially if you re flushing it down your own toilet. I won t get into any gory details here but just heed this advice don t ever ever ever flush condoms down the toilet.

They don t dissolve like toilet paper so throw them in the garbage preferably rapped in tissue or toilet paper first if they ve already been used. There s a possibility that lambskin condoms would clog your toilet. This stuff will clog your toilet quicker than you can call a plumber and you can bet your lunch money one flush of this stuff will necessitate a call later on.

The answer is still no.

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