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If youre opting for pencil pleat curtains youll need to measure from the small rings the hooks go into. If you are replacing existing curtains and you want the same size simply measure the width of the pole or track and the drop from the top of the pole or track to the bottom of the curtains and specify exact fitting we will make your Wave Fold curtains the same size overall we will send the track with your Wave Fold curtains so the track will be included in the size.

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To have curtains with a medium gather when closed we take our trackpole measurement C multiply it by 15 then divide by 2.

How to measure for curtains. Measure the curtain track or pole width not the window. Knowing what curtain lengths are available may affect where you choose to mount your curtain rod. Curtain or valance sizes.

Depending on the thickness of the fabric youre using and how full you want your curtains you can determine the width of fabric necessary for your curtains. Please note that the spacing between folds on our Wave Fold curtains. You would never use the curtain flat out so keep in mind that a 60 wide panel will not look good if you try to cover a 60 window with it.

If youre buying curtains with eyelets or tab tops measure from the top of the pole to allow for the fabric heading above the pole. For Pinch Pleat Double Triple Length of per panel Where youd like the curtain top to. Measure from either of these points down to your chosen end point and thats your drop measurement.

Take the total number width plus the number you added to each side and divide that number by how many drapery panels you want in the window. Measuring the correct curtain width. Measure for Curtains Width If you skipped step 1 measure your trackpole excluding finals this will give you measurement C When you measure for curtains width it is important to consider the gather.

The width of curtains is stated as the flat out width. Measure the curtain drop. A common rule for displaying curtains properly says the curtains finished width should be at least 2 times the width of your window if not more – sheers can be 3 times the window width to achieve a look of proper fullness.

If you have a rail up measure the width of the rail including any overlaps or returns measure the drop from the top of the rail to where you want the curtains to fall. Measure from the inside edge of the molding to the opposite inside edge of the molding. If you have a pole up measure the width of the pole not including the finials ends measure the drop from just under the pole to where you want the curtains to fall.

Measuring for the curtain rod. Measuring with a rail up. The curtain drop is the vertical length of your curtains.

If you are satisfied with the patterns and fabric that you have bought you can now move on to measuring for the curtain rod. Measure the width of the rod from left to right. Measure the drop from your curtain pole or track.

Add 12 inches to each side 24 inches total. If youre having eyelet or tab top curtains you should measure from the top of the curtain pole. Curtains are measured from the top of the rod pocket to the end not from the actual top of the curtain if there is fabric above the rod pocket.

Measure where you would like your curtain to drop to. 1 To window ledge Measure to the bottom of the window ledge and add 2-4 5 to 10cm 2 To radiator – Measure to the top of the radiator and add 2 5cm 3 To floor Measure to 1 3cm above the floor to allow for ease of cleaning the floor. If fitting a new track or pole this should extend 150mm to 200mm either side of the window and at least 150mm above.

Pinch pleat curtains have permanent sewn-in pleats. Length of per panel 12in Top of the rod to where you want the curtain to finish Bottom. You will find that measuring for curtains can sometimes be a bit tricky But once youve got the hang its going to become second nature.

For pencil pleats on a track measure the drop by starting from the top of the track and for pencil pleats on a curtain pole measure from the eye of the curtain rings where youll be hooking your curtains into. For most curtains two times the raw width of the window will be the perfect calculation. This means that you will be unable to adjust the width of the curtain once its made.

You need to provide fullness by using multiple panels for a window that size.

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