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Is a style of open-armchair with a primarily exposed wooden frame originating in France during the early 17th century. What Is a Chaise.

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See the full definition for chaise longue in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is a chaise. Chaises always have a back and may have one two or no arms. Chaise – a carriage consisting of two wheels and a calash top. Chaise definition a light open carriage usually with a hood especially a one-horse two-wheeled carriage for two people.

Chaise lounges are generally meant for one occupant to stretch out on while couches are designed to seat two or more. Some chaises like the one you see here are contoured making it even more tempting to lie back and relax. Drawn by a single horse.

A 2-wheeled carriage for one or two persons with a folding top. They both can be sat and slept upon but nuances of design make each best tailored to specific needs. A true chaise is an open two wheeled carriage with a bench seat for two passengers drawn by one or two horses.

Despite the French term the chaise lounge has a much older history and dates back to the days of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece when the first furniture with this feature was found. Given two more wheels it would have been if the name had been used then a phaeton. It is typically upholstered on the seat the seat back and on the arms manchettesSome fauteuils have a valenced front seat rail which is padding that extends slightly over the apron.

A chaise lounge is simply a sofa shaped like a long chair that can support itself structurally. They measure between five and six feet long and may require even more space if they recline or are wide enough to seat two people. By the time of the French Rococo period the lounge was a social status symbol and was constructed of rare costly materials.

The French chaise lounge became popular in the 1500s. Carriage equipage rig – a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses. Calash top caleche calash – the folding hood of a horse-drawn carriage.

English Language Learners Definition of chaise longue. Translated from French as long chair is an evolution of the traditional double armchair and puff. A chaise lounge is not a small piece of furniture.

Chair originally a closed two-wheeled one-passenger one-horse carriage of French origin adapted from the sedan chair. A long chair with a back that can be moved so that you can sit up or lie down. The carrying poles or shafts were attached to the horses harness in front and fixed to the axle in back.

Any of various light horse-drawn vehicles. The Oxford English Dictionary posits that it might come from lungis meaning a tall awkward fellow implying that a tall person would need a long chaise but that kind of just-so story sounds like folk etymology. Measure the available space in your home and search for pieces that will fit without overwhelming it.

Coming from the French term chaise longue meaning long chair a chaise is an upholstered seat for one and it is meant for reclining in think of this as a chair and foot stool in one. A phaeton was for the owner to drive and generally drawn by one or two horses. Synonym for chaise this is chaisethis is fauteuil English US French France German Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Brazil Portuguese Portugal Russian Simplified Chinese China Spanish Mexico Traditional Chinese Taiwan Turkish Vietnamese.

A fauteuil is made of wood and frequently with carved relief ornament. A long low chair with a back along half its length and one arm. This blend of the French origins and English elements is also true of the pronunciation of chaise longuechaise lounge.

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